You can’t get focused.  So many things interest youone day you think you might want to be an interior designer and the next day you just know you could make a meaningful difference opening an art school for disadvantaged children.  But your watercolor landscapes are beginning to sell consistently, which is great because what you REALLY want to be is a fulltime artist.  Or maybe a feng shui consultant.  Or a writer.

Nothing holds your interest for very long.  You love a challenge, but once you master it, it’s time to move on to something else. Your résumé has almost as many pages as a magazine.

You’ve had a successful career and retirement is only weeks away!  Even though you are “retirement age,” the thought of spending the next two or three decades watching daytime TV or tinkering in the garage workshop is depressing.  Perhaps it’s time to start a business around that passion you've been putting off all these years.

You dream of being an entrepreneur.  You’ve been plotting and planning for years to start your own business and finally be your own boss, just as soon as you can figure out how to choose that one thing and actually make money from it.

The scenarios are endless…do any of them sound like you?  Are you unhappy with your life but can’t figure out how to make positive changes?  Susan Henderson Coaching can help you redesign your life so you can achieve what’s important to you.
"If you ask me what I've come to do,
it is this:
to live out loud."
~Émile Zola
Now that you have learned about the clients I can best serve and some of the issues I help them resolve, as well as how to show up to best ensure success, click here to learn about how we will work together.
You are willing and able to fully commit to the coaching process.

You are willing to take risks and move out of your comfort zone.

You take responsibility for yourself and live life with high integrity.

You are ready to discover your purpose, create a plan and take action.

You are creative and willing to think outside the box.

You are willing to play light and share some laughs in the process.
"Your vocation is when your deep gladness and
the world's deep hunger meet."
~Frederick Buechner
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Susan Henderson Coaching serves clients who are not easily classified, but you might consider yourselves Multipreneurs - multi-talented, multi-gifted, multi-faceted, with multi-interests and multi-intelligences - who are struggling to choose a life path and business that encompasses your multitude of interests.  You have bright, curious minds with a love of problem solving and exploring new ideas, but in the pursuit of all that interests you your lives can become woefully out of balance. You may feel scattered, distracted, and lack clarity about what actions to take to get the results you want in order to live your best life in NOW!

Take the Creative Multipreneurs self-test and see how you score.