I first met Susan at a time when I was between careers. I was a refugee from high tech where I had most recently been doing technical training. After being laid off and going to school to learn more about training, I realized that I didn’t want to go back. About the same time I discovered watercolor painting. I dreamed about painting professionally and maybe do some teaching or writing, but I had no professional experience in the arts. I was wrestling with several issues: “Am I good enough?” “Can I make enough money?” “How do I start a new career?” “How does this affect my husband and his career?”

Susan’s support was helpful in many ways. She helped me define what the issues were that limited my success. Then she kept me on track for solving them, gently bringing up issues when I neglected them. At the practical end of the spectrum, she helped me work out solutions to practical problems like how to start and work on a painting or how to sign my paintings. At the other end, she supported my decision to paint professionally without making unrealistic promises of success. She provided a sounding board as I worked on the issues of whether my work was good enough, whether I really wanted to make it more than a hobby. Being a professional, in itself, brought up a number of issues like getting into the studio everyday and working, letting go of the product, and practical issues like how to sell the paintings.

With her help I arrived at a determination to commit to painting for a period of time and see whether it worked out. I am now committed to selling my art. Just as important, I have process and routines that make that commitment a plan and not just a wish.
Gail J. - watercolorist, web designer, lavender farmer
Throughout my life, I’ve been an extremely curious person, eager to learn and experience new things—but still it took me a long time to recognize and accept that I would never be someone who pursues a career and sticks with it for years on end. Invariably after two or three years, I get bored and start looking for a new challenge. Even though I was expanding my knowledge and skill, I felt somewhat apologetic that I couldn’t seem to stick with anything for the long term—as though that is the standard by which we should all measure ourselves! With Susan’s guidance, I came to value my inquisitive nature and changing interests. When I felt overwhelmed by choices, she skillfully helped me to gain focus and move forward. With her encouragement, I established a nice creative balance between work and hobbies. She is a caring, nurturing individual and an outstanding coach.                          
Robin L. - writer
I was already established as a furniture designer and importer when I became interested in a coaching career.  While I was training to be a coach, I decided that I would like to work with a coach myself.  I found Susan Henderson.  Susan helped me tremendously in making my decision to continue with building a coaching business.  She never criticized or challenged me.  Everybody else in my life would say:  “What are you Shirley?  Are you a furniture designer or are you in the coaching business?  How are you going to make it in the coaching business?  What are you doing?”  In my coaching sessions with Susan, she allowed me to talk to myself - to talk and talk and talk.  That helped me to clarify what I really wanted to do.  She listened.  She didn’t criticize.  She didn’t tell me what to do.  She didn’t try to force me to focus on one or the other, to choose just one career.   So, in time I came to see that I could do both things at the same time.  And, in fact, I am happily juggling three separate financially successful businesses today.
Shirley P. - life coach, furniture designer/importer, Forex trader
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I always thought that hiring a coach was a sign of weakness but I was incorrect! I thought that it was about coming to the table witih a laundry list of what you did that week, but after a month or so, I realized it's a process that is as deep and powerful as you want it to be. It's not magic and it probably won't happen over night, but if you open your mind and heart, you can gain wisdom into your own forces and learn how to channel those forces into success.

When coaching it's essential that you have a special connection with your coach in which there is absolute trust. It's great to be able to talk with, converse, brainstorm and laugh with Susan during our sessions and whether I am having a good or not so good day, she is 100% supportive while being completely honest. Best way to learn.

Sensitive to the creative and multi-faceted personality, Susan understands what I need to focus and channel my energy into success. Things are beginning to happen and my goals are beginning to come to fruition. I get impatient sometimes, but then I realize that part of the process is to "let it happen!"

Susan has been pivotal in guiding me in understanding that success is being where you are no matter where you've been.
Madeline F. - jewelry designer, fine artist, home decor
Creativity can solve almost any problem.  The creative act, the defeat of habit by orginality, overcomes everthing.
~ George Lois
The method of the enterprising is to plan with audacity, and execute with vigor; to sketch out a map of possibilities; and then to treat them as probabilities.
~ Bovee
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.
~ Thoreau
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