First and foremost, I treat my clients with respect.  Since I am a “creative multipreneur” myself, I understand how a creative mind works. Sometimes it’s quirky.  Sometimes it’s cutting-edge and bold.  Sometimes it craves solitude and the chance to focus on a single purpose, while other times the more balls in the air the better.

Those of us who zigzag our way to goals and change direction at the drop of a hat because something new has captured our interest usually are not well understood by family, friends, and colleagues.  Sometimes people give us less-than-flattering labels.

In our hearts, we know we’re uniquebut we may need help exploring the ways we can redesign our lives to best express that uniqueness.

Through a number of scheduled coaching calls, Susan Henderson Coaching may help you...

Identify your purpose and top five core values so you will have a guide in choosing and prioritizing your interests.  You can do it all.  Just not all at the same time.  Running your latest passion against your values meter can assist you in deciding whether to pursue this interest now, later or even at all.

Explore and take stock of your many interests past, present and future.  We will look at all that you have accomplished.  It is always more than you think.  We will sort out career/business possibilities from serious hobbies from just plain fun.

Create a "portfolio career" to satisfy that need for variety and flexibilty.  A portfolio career is a collection of two or more jobs performed simultaneously which could include part-time traditional employment, freelancing, temporary jobs, contracting, and home-based business.  Or, choose an "umbrella career"  - one job title that embraces many interests - such as writer, teacher, historian, researcher or information broker, consultant, public speaker or librarian, for example.

Develop a plan to achieve consistent progress toward your goals custom designed to be a perfect fit for you with, of coarse, room for flexibility and change.

How do I do this?  I listen deeply.  I ask questions.  I gently guide or I may challenge.  I bring my skills and expertise to bear in helping you shape yours to achieve the life you desire.

What is your role in the coaching process?  To participate with a willing spirit, to initiate scheduled calls on time, and to follow through on tasks you assign yourself--in short, to capitalize on the coaching experience so you get the results you desire.
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"Come to the edge,"he said.  They said, "We are afraid." 
"Come to the edge," he said. 
They came.  He pushed them...
And they flew.
~Guillaume Apollinaire
"Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~ Mary Oliver
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"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into every heart."
~ Rumi